Fowler FD3

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Fowler FD3





Fowler FD3 Restoration :


Update 1

Update 2

Update 3

Fowler FD3

Update 1:

  • Remove cylinder head
  • Remove dynamo and starter
  • Remove sump and oil pump
  • Remove pistons
  • Remove side cover and service fuel pump
  • Remove injectors and service

Fowler FD3

Update 2:

  • Remove tinwork
  • Remove gearbox covers
  • Drain gearbox oils
  • Free off steering / clutch linkages etc

Fowler FD3

Update 3:

  • Make new seat to pattern
  • Make new battery boxes

Fowler FD3

Update 4:

  • Repairs to dozer blade and A frame
  • Repairs to dozer blade linkage replace worn pins and bushes
  • Reapirs to hydraulic rams repalce spindles and reseal

Fowler FD3

Update 5:

  • Service cylinder head: valve seats and resurface cylinder head
  • Fit new cylinder head gasket
  • Set tappets
  • Refit injectors
  • Fit new lift pump and bleed fuel system

Fowler FD3

Update 6:

  • Remove tracks
  • Remove track frames
  • Free off and repair track adjusters
  • Remove rear sprockest and rear final drives
  • Clean up all parts
  • Build up worn seal faces and replace rear final drive seals
  • Reassemble rear final drives
  • Clean and undercoat main tractor gearbox

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