Field Marshall Series 3A

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Field Marshall Series 3A

The Field Marshall Series 3a was built from 1952 to 1956 approx 2125 were produced. These tractors had several improvement over the Series 3 one of which was a revised piston ring set up the fire ring design. Some early Series 3a were painted in the familiar Marshall green but later were painted in the Fowler orange. The Field Marshall Series 3a was the last of the iconic single cylinder design made by Marshalls of Gainsborough. By the early 1950's Marshalls had strong compertition with more modern designs and found it hard to compete in the home market, although sales abroad held reasonably strong.  

Field Marshall Series 3A 16355

The Field Marshall Series 3A may not look much now, but with the dedication of our restorations team she will soon be back to her original glory, with fully original parts used throughout the restoration.

We started with:

  • partial gearbox
  • no engine
  • differential
  • no front axle
  • no front wheels
  • lots of enthusiasm!

Field Marshall Series 3A :

Update 1

Field Marshall Series 3A :

Update 2

  • Dismantle gearbox
  • Remove final drives and brakes
  • Clean out gearbox
  • Remove steering box

Field Marshall Series 3A :

Update 3

  • Clean all gearbox parts
  • Clean and paint inside of gearbox
  • Reassemble rear final drives
  • Fit rear drawbar

Field Marshall Series 3A :

Update 4

  • Reassemble gearbox with new bearings ect
  • Fit high top gear with new gear made and fitted to differential
  • Reassemble PTO
  • Reline brakes
  • Reseal rear axles
  • Reassemble rear final drives and refit
  • Install crankshaft with new bearings and seals
  • Fit reconditioned oil pump
  • Fit rebored cylinder block
  • Fit S/H header tank with new gaskets
  • Fit reconditioned fan assy
  • Fit reconditioned front axle; rebushed king pins, new wheel bearings, recoinditioned trackrods etc.
  • Recondtion steering box
  • Paint undercoat and topcoat

Field Marshall Series 3A :

Update 5

  • Fit new platform
  • Fit new mudguards
  • Fit reconditioned fuel pump
  • Fit clutch drum, relined clutch cone and new clutch cable
  • Fit exhaust elbow and new exhaust

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