PowerBrake Installation

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Power Brake Installation

The Powebrake-RT is a 2 in 1 combination, agricultural trailer handbrake & breakaway mechanism, which can be fitted to both new and existing trailers to comply with 2016 agricultural trailers legislation.

The Powerbrake is a purely mechanical system which offers farmers and manufacturers a simple, affordable and safe handbrake and breakaway solution.

Most Powerful Brake on the market providing 3.5 times pulling force of standard Handbrake.

Powerbrake Features & Benefits

  1. Fail-safe spring loaded system operates independently to tractor brakes
  2. Automatically applies brakes in the event of a breakaway
  3. Automatically applies hand-brake when detached from tractor
  4. Applies the brakes in the event of the tractor stalling on an incline
  5. Easy to fit
  6. Extremely low maintenance



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