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Stocking Dealers in Lincolnshire for TWB Engineering; makers of heavy cultivation equipment

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We are the Marshall specialists and here to help with any enquiry on memorabilia, parts and restorations.



Can you supply all parts for Field Marshall tractors?

Yes. We can supply new or second hand parts.

When we have parts made, we can often get them made by the companies who originally made them for Marshall, using the original drawings.

How long have you been involved with Field Marshall ?

We sold one of the first single-cylinder Marshalls in 1931 and have been involved with them ever since. Some of the people who still work for us now serviced and repaired them when these tractors were part of everyday farming life.

Can you restore tractors other than Field Marshall ?

Yes. We can restore virtually anything.

We have the skills and experience and like the challenge.


Restoration Projects

See the transformation in pictures:

Marshall 12/20